Water is Life - Bluewater is Freedom

It's very easy to define Freediving. It is diving without scuba.
... It is almost impossible to describe Freediving ...

Freediving - many, especially in Europe, may think of it as snorkeling in clear seawater Umberto Pelizzari 26kb in the midst of coral reefs. Or they have in mind the pictures and films about the great ones - Umberto Pelizzari, Jacques Mayol or Enzo Majorca - diving down using a sledge to reach those incredible depths.
But depth and duration of a dive don't play the decisive part of freediving. Much more important is the feeling of freedom, independence, and weightlessness, the feeling to be united with the water in a very particular way. Diving in a deep and dark lake may offer you a complete freediving experience. To exhaust the body and to test one's limitations is admittedly an own challenge.

Umberto Pelizzari 63kb

Freediving has to be considered as a real sport. Without a minimum of training or without the ability to react to signals of the body long and deep dives aren't possible. It is important to know one's limits, to assess the own fitness. Under certain circumstances only seconds decide about the loss of consciousness. A sudden unconsciousness, however, may be deadly. About risks, such as swallow water blackout and others is written in the Risks-Section.